ICA Banken goes contactless with Oberthur

Source: Oberthur Technologies

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, and ICA Banken - the first Swedish bank to do so - announce the launch of the first Dual Interface payment cards in Sweden.

This is a major breakthrough in the Swedish payment market as customers will be able to experience contactless payments with fast and secure transactions.

ICA Banken and OT will distribute 500,000 cards to ICA Banken customers in the coming months. The Swedish group will take advantage of OT’s expertise in Dual Interface NFC migrations and capacity to produce and personalize locally a large number of cards in a limited period of time.

ICA Banken’s new contactless payment cards are equipped with OT´s proven Dual Interface platform Chrysalis Fly and OT´s colored edge “Smart Vibrant-e” to combine the security of an EMV chip interface with an attractive “look and feel” of the card.

As a subsidiary of ICA Gruppen, the leading grocery retailer in Sweden with over 1,300 stores, ICA Banken perfectly understands the need for different payment options. Their customers will be the first to benefit from contactless payment advantages: a faster checkout, more fluidity and ease of use.

“We are delighted that ICA Banken chose OT as their partner to launch the first Dual Interface NFC cards in Sweden. It is a breakthrough in the Swedish market and we are excited to be part of this major contactless project. We are convinced that ICA Banken and their customers will appreciate the increase of payment cards use and an enhanced safe shopping experience,” said Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Payment Business Unit at OT.

“ICA Banken believes that contactless payments will play an important role in the future of payments and we constantly strive to make our customers' lives easier with fast and convenient payments within ICA. We chose to extend our partnership with Oberthur Technologies for this important launch thanks to OT´s technical knowledge and expertise in the field,” said Marie Halling, CEO of ICA Banken.

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