Ullink offers FIX engine as a free download

Source: Ullink

Ullink, the global provider of electronic trading solutions, launches its FIX engine, as a free download. To complement this unique proposition, Ullink is offering first line technical support to any counterparty wishing to connect to Ullink.net, or to Ullink clients using its state-of-the-art Transactional Connectivity Platform the ULBridge.

"As Ullink strives to be as close as possible to the market needs, we are now providing the FIX engine as a facility, thus transferring our profit centers to other business areas. The market has reached such a level of sophistication that our platform has evolved into a transactional connectivity management system with enough features and services to shift the added value from the FIX engine itself to peripheral functionalities." says Laurent Useldinger, CEO of Ullink.

He also adds that "history shows that FIX is becoming the prevailing financial protocol; this is why, as an active promoter of FIX, our objective today is to facilitate its adoption by financial institutions by delivering our latest generation FIX Engine at no cost. We believe that the added value around FIX lies in providing not only a product but also premium services, this has been key in our offering".

By distributing its free FIX Engine, Ullink hopes to better serve the existing Ullink clients and promote the use of its network: Ullink.net.

The Ullink FIX engine has already established its position as the proven, scaleable and ultra high performance engine of choice; it is implemented in JAVA and is compatible with all platforms supporting it (Windows, Linux, Solaris), all FIX versions (4.0 to 4.4), all message types (Orders, IOIs', Allocations, Confirmations,) all asset classes (Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income,) and naturally can be used as both initiator and acceptor.

Reflecting on the phenomenal success which both Ullink and its user base have experienced with the product, Georges Gomes, C.T.O. of Ullink says: "It's easy to build a FIX engine, however it's difficult and involves substantial resources to do it reliably and compliant with any other FIX application. Our existing client base allows us today to have a mature engine running against any FIX compliant system on the market. On top of that, and to meet our clients' needs, we have optimized the performance of the engine into paradigms."

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