Brink's launches ID theft prevention service

Source: Brink's Incorporated

Brink's Incorporated, the world leader in secure logistics, announced today the launch of Secure Data Solutions, a new suite of services designed to help companies protect sensitive media from loss and theft.

Secure Data Solutions expands Brink's signature security offerings to the transportation, storage and destruction of confidential papers, film, data tapes and other corporate information.

"Customers are reaching out to us for our risk management expertise," says Shai Anbar, senior vice president of Brink's Global Services. "Standard overnight couriers and off-site storage companies simply aren't equipped to handle the intense security challenges associated with protecting data tapes and other offline information media."

The launch of Brink's Secure Data Solutions underscores a growing concern about data security-a concern highlighted by recent reports of computer tape mishandlings that exposed millions of customers to potential identity theft.

"Companies spend millions on encryption to make it difficult for thieves to access confidential data," adds Mr. Anbar. "Yet they fail to address the security of the data media while in transit. Our services protect the physical media from getting into the wrong hands."

Leveraging the company's proven system of secure logistics, Brink's deploys thousands of armored vehicles, equipped with the most advanced technologies, and employs professionally trained armed guards to transport valuables, including sensitive media, across the nation and around the world. Brink's storage solutions, available throughout the company's extensive global footprint, offer security for off-site data tapes and files, while Brink's destruction services, offered in the U.S., provide industry-leading, high-speed shredding for documents, files, film, tapes, and more.

"All it takes is one lost backup tape-a single computer file in the wrong hands-to put companies at risk of losing millions and garnering negative publicity," Anbar says. "Brink's Secure Data Solutions delivers media securely, stores it safely, and at the customer's request, destroys it."

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