Revel Systems adds Ethernet cable to iPad POS

Source: Revel Systems

Revel Systems, the world's leading iPad Point of Sale platform, today introduced a significant security enhancement to its iPad point of sale (POS) system.

The proprietary Revel Ethernet Connect™ cabled solution provides wired Ethernet connectivity, allowing enterprises to utilize a wired, always-on Ethernet connection to power their Revel iPad POS systems and achieve more secure and robust networking as an alternative to WiFi.

The Revel Ethernet Connect cabled solution brings the first-ever failover connection to Revel's iPad POS system in enterprise deployments, including failover from WiFi to Ethernet or from Ethernet to WiFi, and from one router to another. Revel's groundbreaking technology is patent-pending; the company is the first iPad POS provider to develop and deploy a wired Ethernet connectivity solution such as Revel Ethernet Connect.

Revel Ethernet Connect is a direct result of feedback from some of Revel's customers and prospects, who expressed concerns over potential security threats to their organizations due to unsecured WiFi connections. Ethernet connectivity offers increased reliability and enhanced security measures to protect against potential security threats including hacking and identity theft. Internet connectivity via WiFi can also be unreliable in some environments, which could be particularly problematic for merchants during high-volume transaction times, and could cause POS transaction delays.

Revel Ethernet Connect also makes it easier for new Revel customers to get their iPad POS systems up and running quickly, since it can eliminate the need to deploy, for example, wireless network access points and other networking equipment throughout customer locations. Other than having an Ethernet switch port available to connect to Revel Ethernet Connect, no hardware modifications are necessary for the Revel iPad POS platform. Revel Ethernet Connect connects on one end to the Lightning port of any Revel POS iPad air tablet running iOS 8 or later, and on the other end to a wired Ethernet port.

"With so many high-profile hacks and breaches impacting retailers last year, security is top-of-mind for our customers, whose businesses depend on being able to provide a reliable and secure point-of-sale experience," said Christopher Ciabarra, co-founder and CTO, Revel Systems. "We are constantly looking for ways to drive the payments and point of sale industry to better meet the needs of merchants and consumers, and Revel Ethernet Connect™ is a direct result of our continued innovation and commitment."

The Revel Ethernet Connect cabled solution sells for $250 and is available immediately. Starting on June 15, 2015, it will be included as a standard addition to the Revel iPad POS platform.

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