Ukrainian Processing Center puts NCR Authentic at the core

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC), the largest independent payment processor in the Ukraine, will be deploying Authentic, the intelligent payment platform from Alaric, an NCR business, to deliver payment services across Central and Eastern Europe.

Authentic replaces UPC’s legacy system and will allow the payment processor to keep pace with new industry requirements. UPC chose Authentic after a competitive bid process, during which the platform’s modern architecture, flexibility and ease of configuration were highlighted as key differentiators.

UPC is a member of the Raiffeisen banking group and supports more than 30 banks in Ukraine, as well as a number of international customers in central and Eastern Europe. This provides significant cost efficiencies for Raiffeisen’s card business across the region. UPC services range from authorizing international and local card transactions to technical support for POS terminals to the development and management of ATM networks, and regional interbank clearing. From its headquarters in Kiev, UPC manages more than 7,700 ATMs and nearly 60,000 POS terminals, and processes up to 60 million transactions every month.

“Authentic provided all the necessary features for ATM and POS processing, which was essential for us,” explained Sergey Vetrenko, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at UPC. “But what made it really attractive was how easy it would be to configure the system and add new channels or services. We needed a solution that could be fine-tuned to our business as it continues to change without calling in the vendor support team every time we needed to add a new service.”

Authentic is an open development payment platform that handles any type of transaction. It can accept transactions from any device, source or system and map them into a common format before authorizing and authenticating each transaction and routing them to any destination. Importantly, the platform easily met UPC’s requirement of processing 500 transactions per second.

“We understand the challenges that UPC faces across the wide and diverse region that it covers,” said Steve Nogalo, vice president and general manager Payments Software at NCR. “Consumer technology trends, such as mobile banking, are changing payment requirements for financial institutions and putting them under pressure to react. Our scalable, open architecture provides the flexibility and agility that they need to respond. We are proud that our innovative platform, strong roadmap and reliable customer support convinced UPC to select Authentic to support their business today and in the future.”

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