Korea's Interpay contracts with Intercede for Android protection

Source: Intercede

Cybersecurity expert Intercede today announced that Korean m-payments specialist Interpay has signed up to use MyTAM to protect third party payment and banking apps running on the Android platform.

The service allows Interpay to utilise the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure sensitive consumer data is isolated from potential threats on the main operating system.

Interpay’s TZ OTP application uses two factor authentication and signing to secure m-commerce and banking transactions made through a range of third party applications. Intercede’s MyTAM enables Interpay to access the enhanced security features of the Trustonic TEE, a cryptographically locked, secure operating environment built into leading Android devices at the point of manufacture.

One key feature of the Trustonic TEE is the Trusted UI which works by allowing the end user to interact with the financial application to complete transactions and banking services, whilst protecting screen input and output from threats such as man-in-the-browser malware and spyware.

Interpay’s use of MyTAM is the largest deployment in the mainstream m-commerce sector since the product’s launch in February, and also marks Intercede’s expansion into the APAC market. Intercede CEO Richard Parris said: “Interpay’s selection of Intercede to secure its financial services platform demonstrates Intercede’s growing reputation as a leading security provider with a fully international reach. Intercede is fast becoming the first choice for companies looking to ensure end-to-end security on Android and is now allowing developers from all regions and a range of sectors to deploy highly secure applications.

“The APAC market is one of huge potential for Intercede. Its highly advanced m-commerce sector provides the perfect platform for widescale MyTAM usage to ensure customers using these services are fully protected from hackers and malware.”

Calvin Kim, CEO at Interpay, added: “Security is of the utmost importance in the m-commerce sector. The mobile financial technology industry is on a trajectory of astounding growth and it is vital that as this continues there are measures in place to ensure customers are not plagued by security fears. By partnering with Intercede we can utilise the advanced capabilities of the Trustonic TEE thereby giving our customers confidence that sensitive data passing through the Interpay platform is fully protected.”

“By working with Intercede, we can combine their strength in the US and Europe with our reach in APAC; opening up global opportunities for both companies.

Intercede’s MyTAM service enables organisations - such as app developers, service providers, banks and media streaming companies - to load apps into the Trustonic TEE, and runs on Intercede’s established market-leading security platform, which is already used by some of the world’s largest enterprises and public sector organisations. It provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for any size of deployment, from enterprise apps with thousands of users to consumer apps with millions.

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