SafeAmerica Credit Union rolls out Enacomm IVR banking tech

Source: Enacomm

Enacomm, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent customer interactions technology, today reported the initial results of the implementation of a next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) banking system for SafeAmerica Credit Union.

The IVR installation took place in early March 2015 and was a key part of SafeAmerica’s full conversion to a futuristic core processor.

“From the perspective of an organization that has just gone through the whole gamut of change with our full core conversion, Enacomm was the least of our worries and really stood out as a vendor, doing its part in every way to support a smooth transition,” explained Robin Hauan, Vice President of Marketing for SafeAmerica.

SafeAmerica Credit Union is utilizing Enacomm’s IVR banking technology to assist its 26,000 members across five (5) public and two (2) company branches in the San Francisco Bay Area. By implementing a state-of-the-art IVR that complements the features of its new core processor, SafeAmerica members will be more likely to use its “STARS” telephone banking service, which reduces call traffic to the member services center. The STARS IVR service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing SafeAmerica members to access their accounts at their convenience.

Hauan added, “Members are finding the newly deployed IVR banking system very easy to use, and they value that the experience is personalized so their time on the phone is streamlined. Rather than encountering a long menu of items that they can’t use, users only hear options that are relevant to their own member profile. Without all the extra noise, calls are quicker and virtually trouble-free.”

Enacomm is a Recognized Vendor of Corelation, which provides state-of-the-art core processing for credit unions, including SafeAmerica. Enacomm’s IVR banking technology complements Corelation’s back-end system with efficient self-service, enabling an excellent customer service experience for SafeAmerica members.

“SafeAmerica is committed to staying on the leading edge of technology to keep its many loyal members happy,” said Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis. “That’s why its leadership team chose Enacomm’s advanced IVR systems that are user-friendly. With decades of experience in the space, we’ve honed our capabilities and now offer features and functionalities that are helping SafeAmerica create a smooth, effective customer service experience.”

Delivered as either hosted, on-premise, or on-demand services through the cloud, Enacomm’s technology also helps credit unions reduce costs by allowing members to quickly meet their needs via the IVR when they do not require the assistance of a live agent. On average, calls fielded by member service representatives cost credit unions nearly 20 times more than self-service calls. 

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