Colt, GemaTech and TTC launch IP-based private wire service

Source: Colt

Colt, GemaTech and TTC today announced the launch of an IP-based private wire solution, Trader Voice Anywhere.

The solution provides a simple, cost effective way for Capital Markets trading houses anywhere in the world to replace existing fixed line private wire connections with an end-to-end IP service. Brokers will be able to connect to customers in new destinations more quickly without the need to replace expensive TDM turret systems which has held back adoption to date.

The Trader Voice Anywhere service is the result of a collaboration between Colt, TTC Solutions and GemaTech. It is based on GemaTech’s innovative technology, which allows voice traders to replace their existing “always on” private wires services running on legacy digital technology with IP-based services. The service which will be implemented and supported by TTC runs over Colt’s Ethernet network in Europe, Asia and North America with the ability to securely use the public internet to deploy services beyond Colt’s current network footprint. In addition to significant cost savings achieved by using existing TDM turrets, Trader Voice Anywhere provides a number of benefits, including:

• Rapid deployment over Colt’s private Ethernet network or the public internet enables brokers to connect to new markets and new sources of liquidity faster
• The “B-end” can now be an IP device such as a mobile phone or tablet, allowing the broker to more easily keep in touch with primary contacts
• Proactive fault notification and diagnostics to ensure that private wires are “always on”

“There’s a disconnect between the electronic and voice trading worlds”, said Hugh Cumberland, Capital Markets Solution Manager, Colt. “Trader voice is still largely carried on legacy digital technology. Compliance departments are struggling to bring these legacy systems into line with an increasingly screen-based electronic trading environment. Trader Voice Anywhere gives brokers and compliance departments the tools they need to rectify this disconnect, delivered securely over Colt’s network.”

Mike Todd CEO TTC Solutions explains: “To date the need for capital investment has held back the adoption of IP technology on the trading floor. Trader Voice Anywhere allows Capital Markets customers to keep their existing infrastructure while still gaining the immediate benefits of VoIP technology, allowing traders to quickly and cost effectively connect to new sources of liquidity in emerging markets where the cost of traditional connectivity has often been prohibitive. Trader Voice Anywhere also goes a long way to ensuring that the mobile voice trading compliance obligations outlined in MiFID II are addressed.”

Graham Chick, CEO at GemaTech concludes, “Delivery of our feature-rich Trader Voice Anywhere application over Colt's Ethernet network not only provides Capital Markets firms with a direct replacement for existing digital private wires, but also makes voice trading simpler and faster to implement. The delivery of private wires from a single location to multiple B-ends means that firms can finally deliver disaster recovery and B-end mobility. They will get a regular release of new features including a live, on-the-call speech analytics application that will enable compliance officers to receive immediate electronic notification of fraudulent activity, unusual transactions or spoken word analysis protecting their organisation from trading risk and ensuring MiFID II compliance”.

Trader Voice Anywhere converts legacy CAS into IP on a per-channel basis and then delivers it seamlessly across Colt’s Ethernet network. The service combines GemaTech’s GTEII hardware platform and sophisticated rerouting technologies, TTC’s service management and Colt’s network across Europe, Asia and North America. The launch of this voice trading service complements Colt’s growing portfolio of Capital Markets services which includes the recently announced financial services extranet Colt PrizmNet. 

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