FCA warns users off Zopa clone

Source: FCA

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning to consumers about a website cloning Zopa, the popular P2P lender.

Zopa Loans Review is not unauthorized to provide loans in the UK and is unaffiliated with Zopa Limited. Its deliberately similar name is intended to attract unwary consumers or small businesses looking for a crowdfunded loan, but despite protestations to the contrary on their website Zopa Loans Review is not licensed by the FCA

The cloning attack is in some ways a back-handed complement showing the popularity of the billion dollar P2P market that Zopa has pioneered in the UK.

Banks and brokers have long been targeted by the creators of clone websites, and the fact that P2P lending brands are now under attack illustrates their increasing importance in the consumer loan sector.

Consumer education, rather than cyber-security countermeasures, is generally considered the best form of defence attack such clone attempts.


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