Jack Henry & Associates strikes Surface tablet deal with Microsoft

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions and payment processing services primarily for the financial services industry. Today, it announced plans to continue its close work with Microsoft to provide financial institutions a “best of breed” combination of software and hardware.

As part of this integration, Jack Henry clients will have access to a new Surface purchase program through CDW, which provides banks a unique online portal through which they can purchase the Surface tablets with special discounts.

In addition, Jack Henry’s Branch Anywhere™ application works well with Surface tablets. Branch Anywhere allows bank employees to act as mobile branch managers and centrally access all aspects of customer information from any location, safely and securely. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 device enhances the Branch Anywhere experience by providing employees with a lightweight tablet when they are mobile and a powerful laptop/desktop when they are at their desk.

Cyril Belikoff, senior director with Microsoft Surface, said, “With the recent launch of Jack Henry & Associates’ new Branch Anywhere application, there’s a natural fit with Surface to jointly help customers in the new world of branch transformation. Because of its combination of mobility and power, Surface has seen great success with banks that are looking to transform their branches or provide greater mobility to their employees. Customers – many of whom had previously been forced to deploy both iPads and laptops to their users – can achieve everything with a single Surface device. We believe that our work with Jack Henry & Associates truly helps to offer a ‘best of breed’ combination of software and hardware that financial institutions can build around.”

Ben Weiss, director of financial services sales with CDW, said, “We see great value for the market resulting from our effort to work closely with Jack Henry & Associates and Microsoft. The customer solution the two organizations can now offer will no doubt enhance the experience of financial services customers. CDW is excited to contribute to this offering by delivering custom solutions to fit each customer’s particular needs.”

Mark Forbis, chief technology officer at Jack Henry & Associates, said, “This partnership is a pivotal step in helping our customers build the branch of the future, and Branch Anywhere is the perfect tool for that transition. As banks look for ways to transform the branch experience, Surface tablets enable a single device approach that saves banks time and costs as they do not have to deploy and manage separate hardware – one device acts as a full desktop workstation or a secure mobile tool. We are confident that the power and flexibility provided by Surface Pro 3 is a strong fit for the financial services industry.”

Jack Henry & Associates has successfully piloted the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 internally and has made it a preferred device for its employees. 

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