Nationwide chooses eggPlant for mobile and digital banking testing

Source: TestPlant

TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced that it has signed a deal with Nationwide, one of the UK’s largest financial institutions, to support the company’s continued digital transformation.

Nationwide will use TestPlant’s eggPlant Functional and eggPlant for Mobile tools for complete service assurance of their digital transformation. eggPlant will become the testing platform for development of all of Nationwide’s mobile and multi-browser testing.

Nationwide is the world's largest building society as well as one of the largest savings providers and a top-three provider of mortgages in the UK. The company is a frontrunner in the financial services sector’s adoption of digital technology and has made a significant investment in information technology transformation since 2008.

“The rapid growth in digitalization of our services needs to be supported by testing systems that will ensure the quality of our services and applications, and that is why we have selected TestPlant,” said Andrew Young, Head of Testing Services, Nationwide. “Not only do the eggPlant products provide excellent cross-platform capabilities from desktop to mobile, but they are also easy to use and rapid to deploy, making them the right choice for Nationwide and our ambitious implementation timeframe.”

eggPlant Functional is the only test automation tool that uses patented image recognition technology to allow software developers to test any application from mainframe to mobile, by looking at and interacting with the screen exactly as a real user does. In addition to eggPlant Functional and eggPlant for Mobile, Nationwide will also be deploying eggCloud to centralize access to mobile devices for testing, as well as eggMan and eggBox to support manual testers and help speed deployment of eggPlant.

“We are looking forward to helping Nationwide achieve its convergence goals by delivering an end-to-end testing solution throughout the organisation,” said George Mackintosh, CEO, TestPlant. “The shift to digital in financial services and other large enterprises has rightly placed an increasing focus on software testing and quality, and we are proving time and again that we can challenge the incumbents and win, whether in the USA, Japan or the UK.”

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