Ergon Capital Management selects OneTick tick data management platform

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData, LLC , the founders of OneTick, a single solution for event stream processing (CEP) and tick data management, today announced that Ergon Capital Management, LLC, an Austin, Texas based company that builds market technology solutions and quantitative trading models, has selected OneTick as its tick data management platform.

OneTick's powerful analytical tools will enable Ergon to employ their quantitative research techniques on historical tick data for trading opportunities, run historical simulations & strategy back tests and perform transaction cost analysis (TCA).

OneTick enables Ergon to improve its quantitative research capabilities by quickly mining several years of tick level data in search of patterns and trends and to develop mathematical trading models that exploit identified trading opportunities. Also, by streamlining TCA into its internal investment decision support process, Ergon benefits from an easy to use, fast to deploy and inexpensive transaction cost analysis system that delivers tailored results.

"To go beyond the mechanical processing of data and into sophisticated, rapid analysis is vital in the quest for a competitive advantage in today's markets" said Jeff Griswold, Ergon's Director of Quantitative Research. "OneTick enables us to make informed strategic decisions based on customized analyses through a quick, simple, and cost-effective set of tools."

"Systematic trading firms share a common need for a data management platform that makes it easy and cost effective to do their research, build and test their models and then deploy them into the market," said Richard Chmiel, Senior Vice President at OneMarketData. "We are pleased to be working with Ergon to provide them with the tools required to find and exploit with precision, trading opportunities in the markets."

Built from inception as a single integrated system, OneTick allows users to create a single code-set for historical analysis and real-time signal generation. Users are able to apply OneTick analytics to historical and real-time data queries, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership and standing out against similar systems. Users benefit from minimized costs related to licensing, installing and overseeing various data management systems which don't have the ability to collect and analyze both historical and real-time data.

The platform also aids in extensive quantitative research, strategy development and thorough back-testing through historical conditions. Built specifically for the financial services industry by Wall Street veterans, OneTick is the only stream processing product in the market that solves multiple problems with one platform by functioning as an integrated event processing engine and tick database.

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