Elavon releases SDK for Apple Pay and EMV migration

Source: Elavon

Elavon, a leading global payments provider and wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), announces its new software development kit, Commerce SDK which enables businesses to start accepting ApplePay™ and streamlines a path to EMV.

Elavon was one of the first acquirers to offer Apple Pay to merchants for consumer use in the U.S. and continues to bring the easy, secure and private payment service to merchants.

The Commerce SDK comprehensive kit accelerates a business’ ability to implement a secure, EMV-compliant payment solution by combining Elavon’s global payment processing, EMV certification coding, encryption and tokenization implementation and hardware support for printers, terminals and mobile devices into one package that is easy to integrate. Supported platforms include iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Talech, the market-leading tablet platform, is integrated into Elavon’s Commerce SDK, allowing businesses to accept EMV payments and ApplePay.

“The greatest value Commerce SDK provides to our customers and partners is its scalability; it’s designed for businesses across the spectrum. From the large hotel chain with locations across the country, to the local sandwich shop down the street, Commerce SDK significantly reduces the time it takes businesses to complete their EMV roll-out. It allows the Point-of-Sale (POS) to communicate with printers and terminals, as well as process payments via our Converge Omni-Commerce gateway,” said Wally Mlynarski, vice president of Omni Commerce Solutions and The Grove for Elavon.

Commerce SDK is available to developers at businesses, value added resellers, agents and solutions providers and is supported by Elavon’s world-class customer service.

Elavon’s mPOS solution now supports Apple Pay; EMV ready by Q3 2015
Elavon’s turnkey mobile POS solution now accepts payments via NFC technology from consumers using Apple Pay, enhancing the consumer payment experience for small and medium size business (SMB) customers. The solution pairs Elavon’s strength in payment processing with talech’s market-leading tablet platform to allow SMBs to accept Apple Pay, along with traditional magnetic swipe credit card payments as well as electronic payments such as EMV, chip & PIN and contactless. Businesses can accept Apple Pay using a new reader powered by Ingenico Mobile Solutions that connects to the mPOS via Bluetooth technology.

The mPOS solution will offer EMV capabilities for customers beginning in Q3 2015, ahead of October’s liability shift deadline.

Irv Henderson, chief executive officer of talech, said, “By partnering with Elavon, we continue to enable businesses with the latest technologies like Apple Pay and EMV that enhance the consumer experience. Now, small and medium size businesses can same sophisticated payment options as their larger competitors without the hefty price tag.”

“We’re seeing strong demand in the SMB merchant segment for EMV and NFC payment acceptance solutions, and finding that many of these merchants are relying heavily on partners such as Elavon to help them prepare for the liability shift,” said Gregory Boardman, Senior Vice President of Product and Development for Ingenico Group, North America. “We’re pleased to continue our work with Elavon, and to play a part in helping its customers through this important transition with solutions that support merchant needs now and in the future.”
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