OptionsCity launches new trading plaform

Source: OptionsCity

OptionsCity Software, a global provider of electronic trading solutions for professional futures and options traders, today announced the full release of its modular trading platform, Metro NOW.

Metro NOW offers professional traders, financial institutions, hedge funds, banks, and commodity trading houses a customizable and scalable futures and options-trading platform, deployed seamlessly via the web.

“Trading software used to be one-size fits all, but in today’s dynamic market environment, trading platforms must be able to adjust to what products are traded and what strategies are deployed,” said Hazem Dawani, CEO and cofounder of OptionsCity Software. “Metro NOW reimagines what trading software could be - empowering traders to create the perfect experience through widgets downloaded from our newly launched City Store.”

Metro NOW blends professional traders’ need for robust pricing, execution and risk-management with the ability to build customized strategies inside the same environment. With Metro NOW, traders can build their own custom widgets or buy off-the-shelf widgets through OptionsCity’s City Store, freeing up development resources for more critical elements of a trading strategy.

“Traditional trading software was rigid, forcing firms into a decision on where they have to compromise - on either functionality or on time and resources,” said OptionsCity CTO and cofounder Victor Glava. “Metro NOW shifts the paradigm and allows firms to both build and buy. Our flexible architecture means that firms can dedicate time and resources developing mission-critical elements, instead of reinventing the wheel.”

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