ABA launches search tool for routing numbers

Source: American Bankers Association

The American Bankers Association today launched a new tool, which allows consumers to look up bank routing numbers. The database contains all of the routing numbers -- also known as ABA numbers or routing transit numbers -- for U.S. financial institutions.

“The term ‘routing number’ is the most searched for term on aba.com,” said C. Diane Poole, ABA senior vice president of data management and policy development. “We responded by developing an easy-to-use search tool, so consumers can quickly and confidently find any bank’s routing number.”

The lookup tool allows users to enter a financial institution’s name and location to find a routing number, or enter a routing number to find the institution’s name. The search tool can be found at routingnumber.aba.com.

Developed by ABA in 1910, the routing number was created to ensure accuracy by assigning a unique nine-digit numerical identifier to a financial institution. Bank routing numbers are used for check processing, electronic funds transfer and online banking. Routing numbers are the first nine digits located in the bottom left corner on the front of the check.

Routing numbers are only issued to federal and state chartered financial institutions that are eligible to maintain an account at a Federal Reserve Bank. Accuity is responsible for the assignment of routing numbers and has served as ABA’s official registrar since 1911. 

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