Barnes International and Fime jointly develop personalisation validation tool

Source: FIME

Barnes International and FIME, today announce that their jointly-developed personalisation validation tool (PVT) is now able to test Visa cloud-based mobile payment applications against Visa Cloud-based Payment Contactless Specification VC-BPCS v1.4.

The tool, from the advanced testing and consultancy providers, confirms that issuers are personalising the near field communication (NFC) host card emulation (HCE) applications correctly. Additionally, payment tokens are analysed to ensure they are being processed in line with Visa and EMV requirements.

The ability to test cloud-based applications is an extension of the PVT's functionality which issuers, card manufacturers and personalisation bureaus currently use to validate the personalisation of their EMV® chip payment cards and secure element (SE) based payment devices. The tool guides users through the validation process, enabling quick and easy access to all of the personalisation data required to analyse the applications and tokens. Existing customers need only to request a software update to gain access to additional features.

"This upgrade brings confidence to the testing of mobile cloud-based payments," comments Vincent Poty, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at FIME. "Tokens are used in EMV cloud-based payments to manage risks. The ability to test that this process is working properly is extremely important to issuers as they seek to offer increased security to their customers."

"This is an extension of the services and expertise that Barnes and FIME already offer," adds Brian Summerhayes, Managing Director at Barnes International. "One tool can now validate contact or contactless EMV chip cards and all form factors of SE, and any contactless payment device such as NFC fobs, wristbands and smartwatches. With many HCE trials and wider launches predicted for this year, this tool gives issuers a simple way to ensure their mobile application works properly before launching." 

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