BitGo now free for individual users

Source: BitGo

BitGo, the leader in bitcoin security, today introduced new pricing for its services and key product updates for its industry-leading, multi-sig bitcoin services.

BitGo is now free for individuals and free to try for businesses, making the most secure, multi-sig bitcoin wallet service available and affordable to everyone. With significant upgrades to its web wallet user experience, BitGo has also now made available many of the enterprise security features to individuals and greatly enhanced the ease of use of its secure bitcoin wallet software.

"We are incredibly excited to now offer the security controls and capabilities of BitGo free to all individual holders of bitcoin," said BitGo CEO Will O'Brien. "BitGo's mission is to secure the world's bitcoin. While historically we have offered advanced wallet services to enterprise customers, we feel it is critical for a growing bitcoin ecosystem that anyone can access the best-in-class security solutions BitGo provides."

With this announcement, individual users now have free access to all of the benefits of BitGo security, including multi-user wallets, risk controls like spending limits and address whitelisting, and fraud detection. Individuals can sign up at

As part of the user experience upgrade, BitGo also added key features requested by enterprise customers, including secure wallet sharing, address labeling and management, and advanced audit capabilities like transaction memos. These enhancements position BitGo as the most advanced and robust bitcoin wallet software in the world. Learn more at

BitGo has updated its commercial pricing to be more affordable by eliminating minimum fees and offering new customers a 30-day free trial. The company now charges businesses a simple monthly fee based on usage, while individual usage is free. Customers can use any of the BitGo products – including BitGo Enterprise, BitGo Platform API, BitGo CLI, BitGoD, and BitGo Express – under one unified pricing structure. Learn more at

This announcement comes on the heels of several major moves byy BitGo. Earlier this year, the company launched the BitGo Platform API™, a highly scalable set of tools and services that allow any developer to rapidly deploy state-of-the-art operational infrastructure for their bitcoin business. The BitGo Platform API has already been integrated by leading exchanges like Bitstamp, and a host of consumer and enterprise services. BitGo, in partnership with C4, also introduced the CryptoCurrency Security Standard, a template for certifying the 10 fundamental aspects of cryptocurrency security. And finally, BitGo secured first-of-its-kind comprehensive insurance coverage for bitcoin theft from the global, A-rated XL Group insurance companies, offering a baseline $250,000 protection for all commercial customers.

Dating back to early 2013, BitGo has pioneered key security technologies such as multi-sig and HD wallets, and has continued to set the bar for bitcoin security in the industry with its leading products, advanced risk controls, published standards, and innovative insurance policy. 

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