Vhayu integrates 4th Story system with Velocity engine

Source: Vhayu Technologies

Vhayu Technologies today announced that 4th Story has completed integration to Vhayu Velocity, the leading financial stream-processing engine that allows trading firms to capture, analyze, store and act on massive amounts of real-time and historical market data.

The 4th Story product suite enables brokers and hedge funds to identify, test and optimize desirable trading opportunities in an easy-to-use front-end environment.

"Integrating 4th Story with the Vhayu Velocity engine highlights our continuing efforts to provide our clients with more of the tools they need to leverage increasing amounts of market data and gain a competitive advantage," said John Coulter, vice president, marketing and business development at Vhayu. "The 4th Story solution gives users a very simple way to devise complex proprietary trading strategies, saving thousands of hedge funds and trading desks time and money."

The integrated product supports back testing in multiple modes to validate and optimize strategies across portfolios as well as real-time operations. 4th Story-based studies and strategies can access Vhayu bars, ticks and time and sales data to take advantage of Velocity's ability to handle thousands of simultaneous complex calculations and publish them in milliseconds.

"Algorithmic testing tools are becoming more important to the trading community as the use of common strategies has become commoditized," said Steve Smith, CEO at 4th Story. "Our products provide flexibility and control to the increasing number of institutions looking to deploy unique trading tactics. As our mutual customers' needs continue to evolve, we look forward to more collaboration with Vhayu."

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