TNS switches on 4G support for Asian ATM networks

Source: TNS

Transaction Network Services (TNS) is launching 4G LTE support for its PCI DSS compliant TNSLink product portfolio, which includes a secure and fully managed network for use with ATMs and kiosks.

Across Asia and Australasia, TNSLink for ATMs enables ATM operators to use next generation, bandwidth hungry applications. The addition of 4G LTE support will help protect investments in ATM networks as telecommunications operators rapidly migrate from 2G to 3G and 4G networks. TNSLink currently connects tens of thousands of ATMs across the world, using 2G and 3G carriage, and is now also able to support 4G as each market goes live with LTE.

In conjunction with its hardware partner Digi International, TNS will be showcasing its new TNSLink 4G managed service at the Southeast Asia ATMs 2015 Conference in Jakarta on March 10.

Chris Hughes, Vice President and General Manager for TNS’ Asia Pacific Payments Division, said: “We’re delighted to be enabling ATM operators and deployers to capitalise on the benefits of new 4G technologies. At a time when telcos across the region are grooming their legacy 2G networks to make way for 4G services, we’re asking the question - why upgrade to a 3G only solution when you can now skip to 4G LTE enabled networks with TNS?

“We help operators navigate the complexity of telco network upgrades, by providing our managed service customers with a graceful upgrade path to the next generation of wireless carriage. We’re expanding our global relationship with Digi by using their flexible TransPort® routers to access the massive bandwidth of 3G and 4G LTE. TNSLink delivers a cost effective way to migrate payment networks to wireless access, improving service quality and potentially reducing PCI DSS compliance costs.”

As part of the wider TNSLink portfolio, the new 4G LTE solution can be added as a cost effective option to terrestrial broadband ATMs as well as significantly reduce ATM deployment times, allowing operators to deploy their machines more quickly.

“Southeast Asia is one of the region’s fastest growing ATM markets with a significant need for solutions that provide reliable and secure options to ATM providers,” said Curt Ahart, Digi Vice President Cellular Product Management. “Digi’s TransPort® routers are 4G LTE enabled and are used by our global customer, TNS, as part of their next generation ATM network.”

TNS is a global member of the ATMIA board and currently provides services to more than 85,000 ATMs around the world, supporting every manufacturer and connecting to over 400 payment-specific authorisation hosts worldwide.

In addition to ATMs, TNSLink can also be used to strengthen self-service strategies in point-of-sale retail environments, such as petroleum forecourts and convenience stores. The TNSOnline portal gives operators full end-to-end visibility into their device estate with a wealth of real-time management and troubleshooting information.

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