MePIN mobile ID tech launches at MWC

Source: MePIN

The large scale breaches of SIM card secret keys and hardware security tokens are shaking the world of security.

For the new world of IoT and multi-device use, a static hardware based authentication is not secure or usable enough anymore.

MePIN, the global online user authentication and transaction authorization provider, has released a Mobile ID and authentication solution combining strong security and high usability. MePIN's mobile, PKI based technology enables frequent updates of the security keys and the security software itself. Applicable for devices both with and without SIM cards, MePIN's main benefits come from the cost efficient deployment and distribution, as well as from the daily convenience for the end users.

During the IoT era end users must authenticate themselves at more and more systems and services. Authentication and authorization must be fast, convenient and secure”, states Mr. Markku Mehtälä, Founder and CEO of MePIN / Meontrust Inc, and continues; “Nowadays people use several personal devices and also upgrade them frequently, hence the provisioning of an identity must also be fast and flexible. Distribution of a separate hardware token for identity is not feasible anymore”.

The MePIN solution has been developed since 2010 in Finland. The company, Meontrust Inc, is venture funded by VisionPlus and Vendep venture funds, Finnish public funding agency Tekes, as well as private investors from the United States and Hong Kong. Meontrust Inc is part of the MasterCard Start Path strategic program and a FIDO Alliance member.

The MePIN Mobile ID is demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress by a major telecom operator and at the Team Finland booth 5C31.

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