GoSwiff launches contactless payment terminal

Source: goSwiff

goSwiff, a leading provider of mCommerce platform and marketing solutions, launched contactless payment functionality with NFC capabilities.

goSwiff’s clients will be able to offer alternative payment methods with this latest addition to goSwiff’s mobile commerce platform.

Contactless transactions are gaining plenty of traction as an intuitive and easy way of making payments. With the rise in payment cards and mobile phones enabling contactless transactions, there has been an accompanying growth in the demand for contactless card readers. Cardholders want to be able to make seamless payments, while merchants want to offer these easier ways to pay. goSwiff now has an effective, easy-to-use and ready-to- go solution to serve the market needs.

Contactless technology allows data to be exchanged between devices that are a few centimeters apart. It is distinguished by its intuitive interface, versatility and ability to enable wireless networking platforms to interoperate in a seamless manner. The user can make payment with a wave or touch once contactless card readers have been deployed. goSwiff’s contactless EMV solution generates a cryptogram on the chip for the card issuer to verify before approving the transaction. Even if the card number would be stolen, it is difficult to generate the correct cryptogram as the key used for the cryptogram is securely stored on the chip.

The acquirers want to make use of cost-effective solutions, while the payment networks are driving towards digital payments. Contactless and NFC payments are the ideal solutions for both as they facilitate frictionless transactions, representing a major step forward in making payments easier.

goSwiff offers clients a low-cost, all-in-one solution to enable any merchant to enter the contactless payments era. With the latest technology on board, companies will be able to substantially drive their acceptance rates thanks to the greater ability to take payments via a variety of methods.

“Based on our conversations with banks and merchants, contactless payments are a necessity. With goSwiff contactless solution, merchants will not only be able to meet market demands but they will also be better prepared for the future payment alternatives”, said Tor Meng Goh, Product Manager, goSwiff.

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