Icon leverages the blockchain for value exchange


ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA (ICON: G4 - GXG Markets, London) a financial software company is launching AUREALS™ as a decentralized, digital method of exchanging value.

Each encrypted AUREAL™ is denominated as a one gram weight and measure of physical gold, creating a secure and discrete exchange of value utilizing the most trusted store of value for 6000 years.

Speaking in front of 300 of Latin America's leading private bankers in Panama today, ICON CEO J. Bradley Hall announced: "The launch of AUREALS™ represents an historic breakthrough in applied mathematics and cryptography. AUREALS™ are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ built on the open source, ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for 6 years."

Mr. Hall added: "Now creators and custodians of significant wealth can seamlessly transfer value into AUREALS™, which can be securely and discreetly transferred anywhere in the world, in seconds. The AUREALS™ denominated as a one gram weight and measure of gold, can be held as a store of value or exchanged for any other asset of value, including currencies or allocated physical gold, which is stored in non-bank vaults in free zones around the world." 

New York banking scion Mr. Matthew Mellon who has been an active investor in the digital currency space noted: "The attention to the block chain phenomenon has been restricted to early adopters but with US$500 million of VC capital now deployed, the size and scope of the opportunity is starting to resonate with a much broader audience. It is still early days but if the block chain 2.0 is like the internet of 1995, then it makes sense to keep an eye on companies like ICON because AUREALS™ which act like programmable money could become a nbsp;a killer app much like browsers and e-mail were 20 years ago."

ICON COO, Mr. John Gainor commented: "The decentralized computing wave is now a tsunami withold models built around command and control hierarchies imploding and this is bullish for alternative mediums of exchange like AUREALS™ and of course the worlds most trusted store of value, Gold. Former Fed Chairman Mr. Ben Bernanke famously stated that "Virtual Currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system"; and just months ago another Former Fed Chairman Mr. Alan Greenspan, added: "The Fed era of quantitative easing and zero-interest rate policies cannot be exited without some significant market event that will result in gold prices moving measurably higher."

In closing Mr. Hall stated: "Bitcoin tokens have garnered most of the recent headlines and like many skeptics, we view them as a claim check with nothing to claim. They have however, validated the block chain that efficiently functions as a secure and discreet global ledger. We have developed a methodology that allows any real asset or set of cash flows to be registered on this secure ledger and then instantly  traded using encrypted DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ that we call AUREALS™. If you think about the implications of that for a moment, you may understand how this may represent a profound shift in the way the people create, trade and store wealth."

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