CityIQ launches Financial Services Providers Alliance

Source: FSPA

FSPA was formed for the benefit of members and members' clients. New member firms are welcomed and will be selected and judged on their applicability to the ethos of the alliance, the value they can bring and their ability to adhere to the FSPA's guidelines.

A key objective of the alliance is to provide high quality support to financial services clients.

Peter Muggeridge of Acutest said, “Each of the specialists in this group sees the challenges and opportunities of the financial services sector from a different perspective. By sharing our insights we will get a better understanding as a group, which will enable us to offer enhanced solutions for our member’s clients. At Acutest, we help organisations to realise the benefits of their technology enabled change faster through testing, assurance and governance services and we look forward to sharing this expertise.”

Richard Gale of Broadgate Consultants wanted to emphasise the longer term goals of the FSPA. “I think that by setting up the FSPA we have a real opportunity to create a force for co-operation and for good in the sector. We can also build a solid framework to further help our clients in the future.”

Paul Wiltshire of CityIQ said, “We wanted to bring together like-minded professionals who could potentially benefit from a broader network of businesses in the financial services sector. By working together we can also help to ensure higher standards of delivery.”

Paul Chapman of HornbyChapman said, “Successful businesses are all about people; by setting up the FSPA I was keen to share best practice with a group of specialist providers who might not normally work together.”

Member firms will reflect a broad spectrum of specialisations. Andrew Pullman of People Risk Solutions commented, “What I like about this group is that it is made up of business people who have a similar mindset. Although we offer different products and services, we all want to deliver the best we can, and build relationships rather than be purely transaction focused.”

Dawn Wright of Techgate plc is excited by the opportunities that the FSPA can bring. She said, “I am keen to be able to offer our clients the opportunity to work with other high quality suppliers as it creates a win-win situation for all concerned. I am also looking forward to getting the benefit of other firms’ experiences in the same marketplace.”

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