NCipher releases security management system

Source: NCipher

NCipher plc (LSE: NCH), a leading provider of cryptographic IT security solutions, today announced the availability of the nCipher keyAuthority product suite.

KeyAuthority is a new cross-enterprise security management system that consolidates and automates the management of cryptographic keys and credentials across device endpoints and applications.

KeyAuthority overcomes the fragmented and typically manual processes for managing the rapidly-expanding use of cryptography. Providing unified, fine-grained and auditable security, keyAuthority enables organisations of any size to manage risk and cost-effectively deploy stronger data protection and access control policies for existing and planned deployments of cryptography-enabled applications.

"There is no doubt that with all the attention being given to some of the recent data breaches and the move toward a more device and data-level security systems, cryptography is a vital technology in enterprise security," says Andrew Braunberg, senior analyst, Current Analysis. "Cryptography will become more pervasive, causing the number of cryptographic keys that an organization needs to manage to multiply very quickly.

"The management of these keys up until now has been a very manual ad hoc process, but that approach will become increasingly cumbersome as keys multiply. For this reason, nCipher has a great opportunity to create a leadership position in this market that will also embrace areas such as ID management and DRM."

"As a result of working with some of the most security-aware organisations in the world we have developed keyAuthority to help control escalating management costs and provide a single management interface to consolidate key management operations at the appropriate business level, helping to satisfy compliance and internal policy requirements," says Dr. Nicko van Someren, Chief Technology Officer at nCipher. "KeyAuthority builds on nCipher's market-proven technologies and broad experience of helping our customer deploy strong cryptography in support of a wide variety of applications and across numerous platforms and operating systems. We believe that we are uniquely placed to address these emerging management issues particularly as new PC security technologies such as Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) and next generation authentication tokens become deployed, raising the security bar across the enterprise."

The keyAuthority product suite satisfies the need to deliver keys to a wide variety of endpoints on demand and in a highly resilient and scalable manner without requiring modification of the applications that actually use the keys. keyAuthority manages both symmetric and asymmetric keys and is the perfect complement to existing PKI deployments. The entire system is secured by the use of nCipher's hardware security modules (HSM) that have been independently validated to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security standard.

The keyAuthority suite comprises three core components:

  • KeyAuthority Management Server that generates, manages and archives keys, establishes security polices and provides the integration point for other enterprise systems
  • KeyAuthority Provisioning Server that securely distributes keys {and other security objects} directly and on-demand to authorized end-points and applications
  • KeyAuthority Management Console provides a stand-alone management interface for the system.

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