Glenview State Bank deploys NCR interactive ATMs

Source: Glenview State Bank

Glenview State Bank, one of the oldest financial institutions in the Chicago area, is modernizing, personalizing and simplifying the customer drive-through experience at its branch network with advanced video software technology from NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR).

Glenview State Bank (GSB) has deployed TELLERConnect℠ machines, also known as NCR Interactive Teller, which lets customers interact with a live, virtual teller using remote-controlled ATM-based technology.

“When my family purchased the bank in the 1960’s, my grandfather wanted to find a way to offer more convenient, extended hours for customers.  Glenview State Bank was among the first banks to use pneumatic tubes in the Chicagoland area to process customer transactions from the convenience of their car.  These tubes provide a convenient solution for our drive-through lanes, yet better technology now exists that combines convenience and a personal touch,” said Paul Jones, President, Glenview State Bank. “TELLERConnect from NCR removes the gap between our customers and tellers, putting them face-to-face in an interactive video setting.”

GSB initially made the experience available only at its Waukegan Road branch, but after a successful pilot stage and positive customer feedback, continues to expand TELLERConnect machines to other branch locations. TELLERConnect will allow GSB to continue offering expanded hours.

There are no fees for using TELLERConnect. GSB customers will be able to make deposits and withdrawals, transfers and loan payments, and cash checks facilitated by a centralized, video teller. The teller will also be able to assist with other banking questions just as a teller would in-person at a window. In fact, customers using TELLERConnect can conduct approximately 95 percent of typical teller transactions using the machine. These transactions include activities that can’t be done by a normal ATM, such as overriding normal cash dispensing transaction limits and validating customers by scanning their ID.

“The design of American banks’ networks – especially their branches – has remained virtually unchanged for decades. This is about to change. We a. This is about to change. We are seeing a dramatic shift by financial institutions of all sizes in rethinking their approach to retail banking by using consumer-friendly technologies such as Interactive Teller,” said Jed Taylor, vice president and general manager, NCR Interactive Services. “Glenview State Bank is putting their customers first by finding a new, innovative approach to making banking simple and personal.”

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