Trema taps into Swift messaging platform

Source: Trema

Trema in co-operation with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has integrated SWIFTNet messaging technology into its suite of financial management tools.

Trema's Transaction and Risk Management module (TRM) and Cash Management Module (CMM) is now fully integrated with the SWIFTNet financial services messaging platform, to take advantage of the secure SWIFTNet messaging network between banks and corporates.

Set up by SWIFT to offer an enhanced messaging platform for banks, SWIFTNet has enabled secure store and forward, as well as real-time messaging between the banks and corporate clients.

SWIFTNet's Corporate-to-Bank (C2B) Services provide opportunities for businesses to streamline messaging and reduce costs through standardisation. In this respect, they enable higher straight-through-processing across the value chain.

"The integration of SWIFTNet into the Trema Suite is a step towards greater flexibility and control of financial information and reporting," said Michèle Fitzpatrick, CEO at Trema.

"We are thrilled at our alliance with SWIFT, as it comes at a vital point in the development of the banks' relationships with their corporate customers. SWIFT is driving the trend towards centralisation and standardisation, and this is an exciting time for Trema to be involved at this level," Fitzpatrick added.

As well as working with SWIFT to optimise the delivery of financial services, Trema is part of SWIFT's Partner Solutions Programme, and is promoting its solution to large groups of banks and their corporate customers.

"We are very happy about our partnership with Trema. Trema is one of our key vendors in the treasury sector. The integration of The Trema Suite with SWIFTNet allows companies to streamline financial transactions, lower costs and improve visibility of transactions & balances," said Joel Ludvigsen, Director of Partner Solutions, SWIFT.

Ludvigsen added, "This full suite integrates the very best of Trema and SWIFT's capabilities and ensures the highest level of integration for banks and corporates. In the end, Trema's integrated solution will bring significant value to the financial community."

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