Finnish startup Pay.Cards launch card image scanning app for mobile transacting

Source: Pay.Cards

Finnish-based startup Pay.Cards launched a solution which integrates bank cards scanning into mobile apps.

Now, instead of entering data manually, users can scan their cards with their mobile device camera, and the application will automatically recognize the cardholder’s information.

The product is designed for internet merchants, service providers, mobile apps developers, banks and other payment service companies involved into acquiring business.

Compared to the existing me-too products, Pay.Cards has a number of innovations. The service not just identifies the card number, but also recognizes the owner’s personal data (name and last name) as well as the card expiration date. Instead of using a remote server, the scanned image is processed via the application on the mobile device to avoid failures and long waits in case of poor internet connection.
The solution is based on an artificial intelligence technology, a feedforward neural network, so that recognition quality will be automatically improving over time.

Apart from data recognition function, Pay.Cards will provide an option of acquiring service for the interested ones. In mid-term the clients will be offered full-fledged acquiring service in several currencies, including euro and US dollars.
The scanning at 50 fps frequency assures high quality of recognition.

The service provides comprehensive data security: the client-server communication is provided via SSL protocol preventing data interception and falsification.
Pay.Cards is a B2B solution provided as an SDK (software development kit), a set of libraries, which the developers may embed into mobile applications.

The product is available for free download at At present the SDK is available for iOS applications only. The Android version is to be released in 2015 H1.

Kirill Toikka, Pay.Cards CEO:
The global mobile apps market is forecasted to reach $25 billion by the end of 2015 with a 30% growth over the last five years. Many ones still fail to complete mobile purchases because of having to spend time about 40-50 characters with inconveniences in switching the keyboard layout, incoming calls, etc. Thanks to Pay.Cards buying plane or train tickets, booking hotel rooms, ordering food delivery or a taxi, shopping online and other kinds of payment with a bank card will become fast and easy as never before. As for payment service providers, they will benefit by offering their clients an enhanced usability interface, quick deployment and a lightning fast payment conversion time. The SDK can be deployed and integrated to any payment application, practically, within 15 minutes.

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