Market data app investr lands in Amazon Appstore

Source: ivestr

invstr, the free app that provides on-demand access to leading financial news and live market investor sentiment, launches on the Amazon Appstore for Amazon and Blackberry devices.

invstr is the first app to deliver market data and news that was previously only available to users of expensive subscription terminals directly to mobile devices.

In recognition of invstr’s model to democratize access to financial information through technology, invstr CEO Kerim Derhalli has been named a finalist for the 2015 Talent Unleashed Awards by Sir Richard Branson and other prominent judges. Since invstr launched globally last month on iPhone and Android devices, the app has been downloaded nearly 30,000 times.

With invstr, financial professionals and independent investors have expansive, on-demand access in one app to live market data, news from leading financial outlets and sophisticated research reports - as well as a transformational crowdsourcing predictive marketplace that helps investors gauge market convictions in real time. This crowdsourced price prediction tool allows users to view prediction models on individual stocks and other financial instruments as they weigh investment decisions.

“I created invstr to take all of the functionalities I cared about on the Bloomberg Terminal and put them on an app to help even the most casual investor access key financial information,” said Derhalli. “The feedback from customers has been incredibly positive and we’re pleased to launch on Blackberry and Amazon devices.”

The invstr app provides:

Live on-demand market data on 70,000 individual stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, as well as millions of delayed priced instruments from markets around the world
Completely free financial news database that enables users to search and read articles in Dow Jones News, including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and other leading outlets
Research reports on more than 60,000 listed companies available on-demand
Market predictions on individual stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities from other users through a unique crowdsourcing function
Social networking and encrypted messaging functionalities that allow users to share information and chat

Derhalli spent more than 30 years in the financial industry where he built, grew and managed multi-billion dollar businesses. Immediately prior to founding invstr, Derhalli worked for 12 years at Deutsche Bank, where he served in numerous senior roles including Global Head of Equity Trading, Head of European Equities, Global Head of Commodities and Global Head of Emerging Market Equities.

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