Zebpay launches bitcoin wallet app

Source: Zebpay

Zebpay, which was voted as number 1 company at CoinAgenda 2014, Las Vegas, is pleased to announce the launch of Zebpay app, the world's simplest Bitcoin mobile wallet.

Bitcoiners have a hard time explaining their friends and family how to use bitcoins. For regular people, who are not techies but still want to start sending and receiving bitcoins, using existing wallets has a learning curve and is also scary.

Zebpay is the world's first Bitcoin mobile wallet targeted at everyone, not just geeks. If you use popular instant messaging apps, then you already know how to use Zebpay.

Once you download Zebpay, you can simply send and receive bitcoins to anyone from your contact book. Really, that's all there is to it.

Zebpay is now available for download on Android phones. The iPhone version will be released shortly.

Early adopters who download Zebpay app will get bitcoins worth $1 for free. In addition, each user who invites his friends will also get bitcoins worth up to $5 free.

Upcoming features in Zebpay are the ability to buy shopping vouchers and airtime, social features like send a coffee or a drink to your friend and buy and sell bitcoins from within the app. 

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A Finextra member
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Really good to hear that! It will be really useful :) Bitcoin's tech is the revolution. I also think that P2P lending with cryptocurrencies is going to be a game changer, and thats the reason the mobile Bitcoin wallet is necessary. There are even startups like www.bitbond.com that are already replacing banks. It enables cross-border lending and allows to earn higher interest rates than what your bank pays and that was the most appealing argument for me to start using the platform ;)