VocaOne launches vocaPass biometric-based account authentication service

Source: vocaONE

vocaONE, a premier voice biometric service provider, is set to offer vocaPASS, a voice biometric-based, free account authentication service.

vocaPASS is designed to appeal to security-sensitive account services, such as online subscription services, social networking services, ecommerce websites, mobile apps, network gateways, and other high-impact data services such as clouds, online backup services and domain name registrars.  These organizations are reluctant to adopt biometric account security due the costs of deployment. vocaPASS takes the expense factor out of the picture, and encourages companies to strengthen their account authentication protocols with its offering.   

vocaPASS is the first and only product to deliver voice biometric passwords as a free, IP-based service.  vocaPASS secures a simple voice biometric from a customer when they register with a website, app or network service. Voice biometrics are obtained from a simple Voice Authorization Statement that is secured directly through the browser. When the customer returns to login, vocaPASS obtains another voice print from that customer. If the incoming voice print matches the registered biometric, vocaPASS allows the customer to pass.

“Everyone wants better online account security,” says Shea Writer, Director of vocaONE.  “And everyone wants it for free.  Though vocaONE will also offer a suite of premium voice biometric security services, we are proud to be launching vocaPASS.com.  Now, anyone can add a voice biometric security layer for free via simple Internet API.”

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