Citi Cards UK introduces ID theft recovery service

Source: Citi Cards UK

Victims of identity theft now have access to a free personal caseworker service to take the strain of recovering their good name and credit rating as part of the Citi Identity Theft Solutions service from Citi Cards UK.

Caseworkers experienced in dealing with the consequences of identity theft will provide customers with a fraud resolution service through a dedicated advice line from the first call until their reputation is recovered, however long this takes. The caseworker can, for example, arrange for amendments to be made and a password to be placed on the customer's credit report, meaning that any organisation making a credit search should speak to the customer to verify every credit application.

The Citi Identity Theft Solutions service is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to all existing and new Citi Cards customers through the Citiphone help and advice line, even if the identity theft takes place on another organisation's card, bank account or loan. Customers will also receive the 16-page Citi Identity Theft Tool Kit advice leaflet.

Allan Silverman, head of Citi Cards UK, said: "With the personal caseworkers we aim to offer our customers the most comprehensive and hassle-free, zero cost identity recovery service in the UK, with no hidden charges or additional insurances to pay for."

Mr Silverman added: "Remember to be vigilant and never carry around documents or plastic cards unnecessarily. Keep them securely at home or, while you are away from home, say on holiday in a hotel, keep them in the safe. Remember to destroy documents such as booking forms, bills, receipts and card slips before they go in the bin, for example, by cutting up or shredding them."

Citi Cards continues to be committed to providing security for its cardholders through the bank's Fraud Early Warning system, which is able to detect fraudulent usage of customers' cards, often even before the customer is aware that something is wrong.

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