Diamis and Axway deliver Sepa payment and exchange platform

Source: Diamis

The integration of Diamis CRISTAL software and Axway for SWIFTNet Platform offers the European Financial community a unique Payment and Exchange Platform fully compliant with SEPA, TARGET2, and STEP2 requirements, and which can be integrated in any Institution's payment factory.

CRISTAL is a modular software for the settlement of wholesale and cross-border retail payments, addressing TARGET2 and STEP2 requirements together with the Correspondent Banking business. CRISTAL features intelligent payment routing mechanism, intra-day liquidity management, real-time flow monitoring and supports real-time cash reporting XML standards .

Axway for SWIFTNet Platform is an integrated communication platform dedicated to SWIFTNet. Axway for SWIFTNet integrates all the SWIFTNet technical requirements, FIN, XML, FileAct, InterAct, Real Time, Store and Forward, and the specific TARGET2 and STEP2 requirements.

Jean Pic Berry, General Manager of Diamis said: "Such a partnership with a leader in application integration reinforces our capability to provide the European Banking Community with a seamless integration of mission-critical payment platforms to meet the SEPA 2007/2010 requirements."

"Partnering with Diamis, one of the major actors in the inter-banking business, is in keeping with our will to provide the Banking Community not only with technical exchange platforms, but fully dedicated functional solutions, in this case, a fully SEPA compliant solution," said Jean-Paul Bourbon, Axway's CEO.

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