Ukash partners Cashwave to enable Bulgarian remittance via supermarket vouchers

Source: Ukash

Ukash, the leading online cash payment provider, has partnered with Cashwave to make it easier for Bulgarians to send funds home - in the form of supermarket vouchers.

Under the new agreement, Cashwave customers will be able to use Ukash to buy and send vouchers to their family and friends in Bulgaria. This innovative partnership means that individuals can transfer funds avoiding the usual fees when sending cash abroad even if they don't have bank account.

Individuals in the UK or Europe can purchase the supermarket vouchers 24/7 from Cashwave using Ukash. The vouchers can be redeemed the following day - even on weekends and holidays - directly in supermarkets in all of Bulgaria's major towns. Voucher recipients also pay no fees.

"Ukash is a flexible alternative for consumers who don't have access to a bank account, allowing them to send money abroad, for business transactions or just as a gift for loved ones to go shopping," explains Miranda McLean, Marketing Director, Ukash. "Our partnership with Cashwave allows us to reach the growing number of Bulgarians who are looking for affordable ways to send funds home to their loved ones, without incurring any fees at any time, day or night.

"By working closely with Cashwave, we are meeting the needs of Bulgarians working away from home, who want access to the most cost-effective way to transfer funds."

To use the service, customers simply need to purchase Ukash codes with cash in a wide network of retail outlets such as shops, petrol stations and kiosks.

Stoytcho Vlaykov, General Manager of Cashwave, says, "Ukash is a market leader and continues to deliver a range of innovative services, making it the ideal partner for Cashwave. Our customers can now use Ukash to send vouchers across country borders without incurring high transfer fees. This new payment option is especially beneficial to the vast number of Bulgarians who do not have conventional bank or credit accounts in other countries. Ukash has an established network of more than 460,000 physical points of purchase, in more than 60 countries, on 6 continents, ensuring Cashwave expands its own market reach, by meeting the needs of our customers, wherever they travel." 

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