UL launches tokenisation test tool

Source: UL

UL is pleased to launch a test tool that supports the correct implementation of tokenization technology in order to assist the industry around the developments of cloud-based payment solutions.

As the industry announces cloud-based mobile payment solutions, UL launches a test environment (the Collis Host Test Tool) to support the correct implementation of tokenization technology. As with cardholder account data, exchanging messages to generate transactions with tokens requires correct communication between the issuers, the acquirers and the payment schemes. Service providers need to ensure that the host environment works correctly and that tokens get issued correctly in order to be accepted.

To ensure this works, UL developed an environment in which the exchange of tokens can be simulated. On the one hand, token issuance can be simulated; on the other hand, transactions can be generated with tokens. In other words; simulate cloud-based payment transactions in the complete messaging exchange chain to avoid any major disruption in the live payment infrastructure.

Maxim Dyachenko, Service Line Manager Test Tools at UL’s transaction security division said: “Ultimately, the Collis Host Test Tool is the ideal test tool to prove all major links in the network from token, via hosts, to terminal and vice versa work correctly.

We are currently offering the simulation environment for Visa and MasterCard and continue to develop an extensive portfolio of test tools to support testing of cloud-based payments environments.” UL’s test tool portfolio consists of the Collis and Aspects product lines and includes over 70 test tools and simulators. These test tools are designed to help issuers, acquirers, processors and vendors ensure their products and systems are working according

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