IQuantifi raises $1 million in angel funding round

Source: iQuantifi

iQuantifi, the first virtual financial advisor to provide comprehensive, goal-based planning advice to millennials and young families, announced today that it has raised $1 million in its angel round investment.

“We are very excited to have raised this angel round and we see the investor interest as validation of our cloud-based, robo-planning software platform,” said Tom White, iQuantifi’s CEO and Founder. “We intend to use the capital to continue to enhance the platform while expanding our partnerships with financial institutions.”

iQuantifi’s virtual financial advisor enables users to take control of their finances by providing real-time, goal-based planning advice. iQuantifi also partners with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions by offering the platform as a turnkey solution to engage their millennial clients, a generation that has been slow to show loyalty to traditional brick and mortar institutions.

“Despite the gradual progress of the U.S. economic recovery, millennials have been slow to achieve traditionally important milestones, such as moving out of their parents’ home, buying a car, getting married and raising a family,” said White. “iQuantifi helps users identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals, via real-time, dynamic advice.”

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