Crossing-Tech embeds C24 into Connectivity Factory

Source: C24

C24 Technologies (C24), a global leader in financial services messaging and integration solutions, today announced a partnership with Crossing-Tech, a trusted provider of IT solutions. Crossing-Tech will embed C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) into Connectivity Factory enabling banks and financial firms to gain real-time business insight into activities such as fraud, regulatory compliance, financial transactions and governance.

For financial firms to succeed they need to respond quickly to business opportunities and threats by integrating and making sense of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Connectivity Factory is a leading-edge solution that connects, mediates, manages and monitors information in real-time. By embedding C24-iO into Connectivity Factory, firms can tap into the operational data of financial messages, such as SWIFT communications, as they flow within and between financial institutions. With greater and real-time business insight, firms can quickly identify critical issues, and make better and more accurate decisions.

C24-iO is a data modeling, meta-data management, transformation, and messaging integration toolkit with comprehensive support for over 40 financial standards including SWIFT, ISO 20022, FpML, FIX and SEPA. C24-iO generates high quality Java objects for deployment in any Java container such as Spring Integration/Batch, Mule, Fuse or Oracle and fully integrates with NoSQL, ESB, grid, caching and cloud technologies.

“C24 brings an extremely rich set of financial libraries such as SWIFT, FIX, and FpML that allow Connectivity Factory to naturally understand and instantly manage the semantics of the information exchanged. This alliance confirms and marks out our expertise compared to classical integration platforms,” said James Nauffray, CEO, Crossing-Tech.

“C24-iO provides access to any data format, and Crossing-Tech Connectivity Factory provides business intelligence based on real-time view of the data flows underlying the business. The combination of the two enables firms to focus more on the operational data flows, and less time and effort in integrating and exposing that data. It’s a powerful combination,” said Wayne Meikle, Commercial Director, C24 Technologies.

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