Coinbase launches USD wallets

Source: Coinbase

Today we’re excited to launch USD Wallets, a new feature which allows users to store U.S. Dollar balances on Coinbase.

Instant buying and selling

Once you deposit USD into your new wallet, you no longer have to wait for traditional bank transfers to clear before your orders complete. Coinbase can process bitcoin purchases on-demand using funds from your USD Wallet.

No credit card required

Previously, the only way to instantly acquire bitcoin on Coinbase was to enable instant buy, which required adding a credit card. USD Wallets let you transfer U.S. Dollars to your Coinbase Account at your convenience. You can then use those funds to purchase bitcoin instantly from Coinbase. If you do not spend the funds, or if you receive the U.S. Dollar proceeds of a bitcoin sale into your USD Wallet, you can simply withdraw the funds back to your linked bank account whenever you wish. Coinbase will not charge you to send funds to and from your USD Wallet via ACH bank transfer in the U.S.


USD Wallets are available to Coinbase customers who have verified their identity in supported states within the US. If you do not see a USD Wallet in your account then you may be located outside of the states we currently support.

To start, the following 16 states are supported:

Arkansas (AR)
California (CA)
Delaware (DE)
Georgia (GA)
Idaho (ID)
Illinois (IL)
Indiana (IN)
Massachusetts (MA)
Missouri (MO)
Montana (MT)
New Mexico (NM)
Puerto Rico (PR)
South Carolina (SC)
Washington (WA)
Wisconsin (WI)
West Virginia (WV)

We are working hard to expand access to USD Wallets to residents of additional states in the near future. You can view our list of supported states here.

Try it

If you live in a supported state, your USD Wallet will be automatically enabled. Just sign in, make a deposit, and begin using your USD Wallet today!

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