Reuters adds Telerate benchmark data

Source: Reuters

Reuters (LSE:RTR),(NASDAQ:RTRSY) has enriched its money market and fixed income data with the addition of Telerate's world-class benchmark and reference pages.

The launch of Reuters Capital Markets and Reuters Telerate Energy content packages brings the combined Reuters and Telerate customer base access to industry-leading content covering exclusive prices and data, reference rates, news and analytics. The new data packages support Reuters growth ambitions in the high value content and transactions arena.

Christopher Hagman, Managing Director of Global Sales, Reuters, said: "Reuters new Capital Markets and Energy content sets bring our new combined customer base the best of both worlds. Customers can access a vast array of exclusive and reference data which are used as benchmarks around the world. Reuters-Telerate customers will also be able to access Reuters information and award winning news for the first time. This is a key milestone for us and our customers following the completion of the acquisition just three months ago."

The new content packages are:
  • Reuters Capital Markets Premium combines Reuters global content with all the most important Telerate real-time benchmark pages that the industry has come to rely upon. These include the Telerate 500 series, the world's benchmark for the US Treasury market, driven by execution quality inter-dealer prices sourced exclusively from ICAP, the leading inter-dealer broker. The service also includes content from premier brokers and dealers in global fixed income and foreign exchange.
  • Reuters Capital Markets contains Telerate capital markets pages sourced from leading contributors from around the world. These pages are designed to enable capital markets participants to monitor the world's over-the-counter (OTC) markets in real-time and provide insight on European and Japanese government bonds, corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities. Included in the service are the 50+ fixing rates calculated by Telerate which have become benchmarks for the financial community around the world.
  • Reuters Capital Markets 19901, available to Capital Markets Premium or Capital Markets subscribers as an exclusive supplementary specialist service, is the industry benchmark for swaps and derivatives pricing.
  • Reuters Telerate Energy offers an extensive range of benchmark reference pages and real time prices from all major commodities exchanges around the world with physical and OTC data. Includes energy broker data from the London Energy Broker Association UK Power and Carbon indices, and Ginga.

    The new content packages represent a significant step forward in the provision of aggregated content for the OTC markets. For the first time, subscribers will have access to the unique and powerful OTC content offering created by two of the most trusted sources. The new content is available on the Reuters 3000 Xtra, Reuters Station and Reuters Trader platforms. All packages include Reuters vast range of real-time information and prices, analytics and bring Telerate customers access to Reuters leading news for the first time.
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