Mozilla to accept bitcoin donations via Coinbase

Source: Coinbase

We're pleased to announce that the Mozilla Foundation is now accepting bitcoin for donations with Coinbase's merchant tools.

Since it was founded in 1998, Mozilla has built great Web products while staying true to the core values of the Internet: openness, transparency, and decentralization. What started out as a small open-source project at Mozilla in 2003 evolved into Firefox, which is one of the most widely used Internet browsers in the world today. Firefox is Mozilla's most well known project, but the Foundation is responsible for many initiatives designed to make the Internet a better place. Donations to the Foundation support education projects such as Mozilla Webmaker, and advocacy initiatives such as and the fight for net neutrality.

By adding bitcoin as a donation method, Mozilla opens doors to a broader scope of donors. Nearly anyone in the world can now donate in small amounts without having to provide personally identifiable information or sensitive payment credentials.

Coinbase waives all fees for all nonprofits, so 100% of donations will always go to Mozilla. We are thrilled to bring bitcoin to Mozilla and help the organization continue to create a better Internet for people across the globe. Donate to Mozilla here. 

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