Cebulon selects Tbricks derivatives trading tech

Source: Tbricks

Tbricks today announced that Cebulon, the Amsterdam-based derivatives market maker, has selected Tbricks as the backbone of their market making and derivatives trading business.

"As an options market maker we actively participate in highly liquid, fast moving markets where speed and flexibility are critical. Speed was our main reason for looking for a new system" says Carl Vormoor, Head of Trading at Cebulon. "It was instantly evident to us that Tbricks was the fastest and most customizable system of those we considered. Put simply, Tbricks was the only system that seemed to be built for our times."

Cebulon today trades index options as market makers on Euronext and TOM but prepares for controlled expansion in other financial products and markets. A customizable system with extensive exchange connectivity was a pre-requisite in Cebulon's system selection process.

"We are delighted that Cebulon has selected Tbricks to improve speed today and to prepare for business expansion going forward" says Jonas Hansbo CEO Tbricks.

Tbricks' market making fuses server-based auto-quoting and auto-hedging with fully configurable visualization in the front end, enabling firms to make markets with high performance and control.

Tbricks' functional scope includes customizable pricing, volatility management, risk management, team quoting and a whole series of trading features such as hidden quotes (electronic eye or take out machines), peg quotes, multi-level quoting, quote spreading, portfolio graphs, portfolio stress testing and RFQs. 

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