Aleri upgrades liquidity management system

Source: Aleri

Aleri, a provider of real-time analytic applications for the financial services industry, announced today at the Sibos Conference in Copenhagen the next generation of its Liquidity Management Solution.

The new release is based on Aleri Labs' new streaming analytics platform, and will offer enhanced functionality for treasury operations and risk management, most notably the addition of payment flow control functionality and compliance to address requirements of the next generation of RTGS systems such as TARGET2. The solution adds value for groups including treasury, payments, client cash management, and risk operations, and more importantly to the whole organization, by enabling various functions to see cash and liquidity information in real time using a common platform.

"This year's Sibos theme of Transformation could not be better exemplified than by the announcement of Aleri's enhanced liquidity management system," said Don DeLoach, president and CEO, Aleri. "Both our liquidity management and underlying streaming analytics technology address the increasing rate of transformation in banking - allowing banks to deal with an exploding volume of information, understand it, process it and make it meaningful to their businesses, literally in real time. Most of the liquidity management software vendors have developed solutions as an extension of either payments, gateways or back office systems, which compromises the quality and extent of information and processing power that banks need. Aleri's dedicated liquidity management solution was built from the ground up to contemplate the complex issues that banks face and addresses marketing and regulatory concerns for today and in the future."

Built on Aleri Labs streaming technology platform, the Aleri Liquidity Management System gives banks the ability to consolidate information across the entirety of payment flows, normalize and aggregate that information, and analyze it in real-time - ultimately enabling a precise view at any point throughout the day as well as providing rule based predictive capabilities based on certain parameters. Aleri's technology integrates with the bank's existing systems to address a number of mission critical concerns in the banking industry today, including capital adequacy and regulatory issues.

The Aleri Liquidity Management System delivers a variety of business benefits for various financial functions including:
  • Decrease reputational risk and operational costs by automating manual processes of consolidating/reconciling liquidity information and by creating funding issue alerts early in the day
  • Increase forecasting accuracy to minimize funding costs by gaining real-time and predictive visibility on intraday liquidity positions in all currencies and across all channels
  • Enable more informed cross channel and currency cash and collateral funding decisions

Payment and Clearing
  • Create end to end real-time visibility of payments over their life cycle, tracking and tracing their execution in the bank's various systems
  • Establish a single point of control of the bank's payment flows across all currencies, accounts and channels
  • Provide a cost and risk effective way to answer to, and to leverage from, new RTGS implementations such as TARGET2

Group Risk
  • Provide comprehensive historical liquidity information
  • Enable liquidity stress testing capabilities, including replay of days with stress scenarios
  • Improve compliance through detailed audit trails and measurements

Customer Cash Management Services
  • Provide a consolidated real-time view of all cash flows and account balances of customers and groups, across currencies and business types
  • Enable a better knowledge of customer behaviors resulting in service improvements and revenue generation opportunities

Enhanced functionality, including the TARGET2 compliant payment flow control module, will be generally available in December 2005.

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