ATM Solutions installs solar-powered ATMs in South Africa

Source: ATM Solutions

ATM Solutions has installed solar powered ATMs at a number of sites in Mpumalanga. These are believed to be the first such ATMs in the country, developed to provide back-up solutions during power outages.

The solar panels produce electrical energy from the sun’s rays and store this in a battery while the ATM runs as usual on Eskom power. When a power outage occurs, the stored solar energy kicks in and takes over powering the ATM.

During testing, the pilot solar ATM operated uninterrupted as normal for seven full days without any power drawn from the grid. When it ran out of energy the machine switched itself off during the seventh night, and then back on the following day once the sun was up and could recharge the machine.

Wayne Abramson, CEO of ATM Solutions said the company planned to install more solar powered ATMs at sites across South Africa that were not functioning at optimum levels due to constant power outages.

“Power outages are frustrating for ATM operators and for the communities they serve. Any time the ATM is not working, the customer is inconvenienced. As a company, we’re driven by inclusivity and our rural ATMs often provide otherwise unavailable banking services to all. Customers need to know they can rely on these services.”

ATM Solutions is a subsidiary of Paycorp Holdings, South Africa’s leading independent provider of end-to-end payment solutions. With a network of over 5 000 ATMs across the country, now, even in areas where power outages last a few days, customers can rely on the company to provide reliable services due to its innovative solar powered machines.

This evolution in providing essential financial services makes good business sense for ATM Solutions too. The investment per solar site can be returned within three months depending on the volume of transactions previously lost to power outages.

“If we’re not operating, we’re not making a return on our investment,” says Abramson. “And in addition to relieving our business frustrations and those of our customers, we’re thrilled that our solar powered ATM technology will contribute to reducing our environmental impact.”

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