Revel Systems enhances iPad POS

Source: Revel Systems

Revel Systems, the leader in iPad Point of Sale Solutions now offers a Retail Enhancement Suite.

This expands the existing retail iPad POS for retail platform by allowing users more ways to customize their retail POS.

The Revel Systems Retail Enhancement Suite offers many new features to the iPad point of sale platform, the biggest enhancements of which are: serial number tracking, receiptless returns, invoicing, and commissions. Serial number tracking will enhance the already robust security measures offered by Revel, while commissions will expand the intuitive sales features of the system. This is in addition to the current retail POS which integrates mobile scanners, mPos, loyalty programs, CRM, and matrix inventory.

A study from the National Retail Federation suggests 35 percent of retailers do not require identification for returns, thus creating a return fraud opportunity. One of the main purposes of the new serialization feature is to prevent theft on cross-merchant, no-receipt returns. Cross-merchant fraud occurs when an item is purchased from one store location, is found to cost more at a separate location, and is then returned to that location without a receipt. The Revel retail iPad POS can prevent the fraudulent claim by housing serial number data attached to the product and customer. The merchant will simply scan the product to populate the serial number, and will be able to tell where the product originated and which user purchased it.

"A main focus for our company has always been security," says Ciabarra. "Security with hardware, security with payments, and security with purchases. With serial number tracking, we're able to make sure retailers are protected from the damages of fraud." Revel has been working to make its point of sale the most versatile system with its vast array of features, and the retail enhancement suite is just another step towards offering merchants a complete and robust retail point of sale system."

Part of the retail expansion is an effort to give businesses more options when selecting Revel as their retail point of sale solution. The addition of the new retail suite makes Revel Systems the first iPad point of sale system to accept commissions, even allowing for splitting commissions between two employees. "At Revel, we're making a system that's versatile to any and all businesses," says Chris Ciabarra, CTO and co-founder of Revel Systems. "We're listening to current and potential clients, finding out what they need, and giving it to them. Commissions is just another expansion of our platform aimed towards providing clients with everything they need to run their business to its maximum potential."

Invoicing is an essential part of a retail POS, and now Revel enables business owners to print or email invoices directly from the point of sale system. Print an invoice using the Apple AirPrint feature to any printer manufacturer that supports AirPrint, such as Epson, Brother or HP. In addition to invoicing, Revel is rolling out other new features for retail that are not yet available on any other tablet-based point of sale, such as receiptless returns, color-coded icons, barcode assistance, and printing barcodes directly from the iPad make the Revel POS a powerful tool for retailers. Butterfly labels--especially useful for jewelry shops--can also be accommodated on the Revel POS by using the Zebra 2824 Printer. These and many other features are now being offered in the new Retail POS Enhancement Suite.

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