GoSwiff launches PINPad card reader

Source: goswiff

goSwiff, a leading innovator in mobile commerce and marketing services, launched today a new goSwiff PINPad card reader to boost the efficiency and security of cashless mobile transactions across a range of markets.

With consumers increasingly demanding mobile solutions and services, the ability to facilitate payments anywhere and anytime is crucial for the merchants. goSwiff's pocket-sized PINPad card reader allows banks, MNOs and merchants to accept fast, safe mPOS transactions through their mobile devices on the go, so that no sales opportunity is missed.

goSwiff PINPad is the only card reader in the market designed from the ground up for mobile payments in harsh environments. As mobile businesses are constantly on the move and are often subject to rigorous retail environments, a device that can stand the tests of time, rough physical surroundings and endure frequent use is required. goSwiff PINPad is built for ultimate physical durability according to stringent design guidelines.

• The PINPad is extensively drop tested on all sides in order to make sure that the body is tough and capable of even the harshest wear and tear
• The device allows secure and fast Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign, Swipe & PIN, Swipe & Sign card processing
• The PINPad is optimised to ensure that your customers' cards are protected. The card reader is designed to prevent the card's chip from being scratched thanks to the landing type chip reader
• Additionally, the keypad is tested for up to 1 million inputs, meaning you have the reassurance of gaining years of use out of your PINPad. With the highest quality components, a durable body and a dust cover to protect the charging port, the PINPad is built ready for action
• The PINPad's replaceable battery means you can get plenty of operating time and power, with up to 2,000 charging cycles. A single charge provides a standby time of 108 hours
• The device packs the latest digital payment security technology to protect both you and your customers from fraud
• The PINPad is EMV Level 1 & 2 and PCI-PTS SRED compliant

“Our clients have expressed their need for durable and reliable card reader for Chip & Pin and Chip & Sign transactions. We have tested different card readers in many corners of the world in harsh environments for credit card processing, and eventually decided to design our own device to meet the requirements of the emerging markets. Besides, the replaceable battery allows for the PINPad to be operational at all times”, said Etienne Van den Bogaert, COO of goSwiff. “Additional necessities from our clients have been the possibility to customise the device, so goSwiff PINPad can be tailored to fit with our client’s corporate branding, adding an extra level of connection and loyalty with their merchant clients.”

By being platform agnostic, goSwiff PINPad can cater to a wide range of mobile devices, offering great flexibility in terms of which platforms you wish to facilitate transactions on. With its Bluetooth V3.0 (Class II) connection, any mobile device is invited to take advantage of all that PINPad has to offer.

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