Diebold enhances ATM design, security

Source: Diebold

As technology continues to advance, consumers expect a higher level of accessibility in virtually all facets of their lives – including banking.

For institutions confronting these expectations, Diebold, Incorporated (DBD) is delivering --- with the new 5500 series of automated teller machines (ATMs). This new series of cash dispensers delivers on the need for around-the-clock ATM availability, lower total cost of ownership, best-in-class security features and advanced technologies that offer a comprehensive suite of solutions.

The 5500 series helps institutions address a number of key business objectives:

Manage risks with progressive security features. To enhance security at the ATM, Diebold's ActivEdge™, the industry's first anti-skimming card reader that prevents all known forms of skimming - the most prevalent type of ATM crime - is standard on the series. Additional features, such as biometric finger vein readers, security camera provisioning, encryption technology, monitoring services and more, offer the most comprehensive security solutions and services available in the market.
Drive efficiencies for around-the-clock ATM availability and lower cost of ownership. Diebold's newly developed dispenser technology, ActivDispense™, improves the ATM's uptime while optimizing dispensing performance. ActivPower™ intelligent power management system, further decreases downtime by controlling power on individual modules during servicing—avoiding the need to power down the entire unit. In addition, total power consumption is reduced by as much as 60 percent, which lowers the total cost of ownership for institutions and reduces environmental impact.
Delight its customers. Through advanced security features, as well as the 5500 series' modern design, 15-inch high-definition touchscreen display, vibrant color collections, mobile-ready functionality and optional two-way Concierge Video Services™ capabilities, consumers' needs are met with anytime, anywhere banking access.

"Institutions have been clear in the necessity to build efficiencies and lower costs while still delighting their customers with leading-edge, secure technologies and stellar service - even in challenging environments," said Frank A. Natoli, Jr. , executive vice president and chief innovation officer, Diebold. "The 5500 series delivers on what institutions need and what consumers want. It's a perfect example of how we're realizing our vision to drive collaboration and purposeful innovation to get meaningful solutions to market quickly."

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