Blockchain secures $30 million funding round

Source: Blockchain

In January, Blockchain passed a million users. Since then, growth has only accelerated and we have recently celebrated 2.3 million consumer wallets.

As a team, we could not be more honored and privileged by the trust that our users place in us. We take the responsibility that goes along with the honor very seriously and as we thought about the next five years for our users and for the company, we knew it was time to bring on additional resources.

We searched long and hard for the right investors to bring onto the team to help us scale, to advise us, and work with us to bring bitcoin to the next 20 million people.

Today, we are excited to announce we have closed a Series A round of over 30M of growth capital, co-lead by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Wicklow Capital.

Jeremy Liew, and his team at Lightspeed Venture Partners, were one of the very first Sillicon Valley firms to begin actively following the bitcoin space - right back to the San Jose conference. We knew we shared a vision and a passion for what the future should look like and knew that they could help us scale, grow, and bring bitcoin to mainstream consumers around the world.

We also knew we would need partners from the financial services world. Wicklow Capital is the personal investment vehicle for the founders of GETCO (now KCG), a global market leader in technology enabled trading and financial services. Wicklow brings knowledge and resources to the company that we are excited to have access to.

In addition to our two leads, we are bringing Richard Branson, Mosaic Ventures, Prudence Holdings and some strategic angels on board to further leverage our ability to grow and bring bitcoin to the next 20 million consumers.

Most of all, we are excited to be leading one of the most dynamic and awesome teams in the world. Blockchain is where it is today because of you, our users, and the most passionate and scrappy teams we have ever worked with.

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