Paytoo and PayDirect team on mobile wallet platform for money transmitters

Source: Paytoo

Paytoo Corp., the industry's mobile wallet standard and PayDirect announced today an unprecedented move in the Money Transfer Services Industry offering a fully integrated payment platform to simplify all their transactions.

Both companies view this alliance as an opportunity to offer Money Transmitters, a mobile money transfer solution and other services for their customers while offering cutting edge technology.

"We are very excited to partner with PAYTOO®, an industry leader in comprehensive mobile wallet solutions to provide a White Label platform for the Money Transfer industry." said Steve Bessen, President of PayDirect. "PayDirect powered by PAYTOO® will allow Money Transmitters of all sizes to evolve from the traditional brick-and-mortar model to an advanced and fully integrated technological platform, leveling the playing field throughout the industry."

This partnership represents an important step for PAYTOO Corp., which now will be able to give the mobile industry an effective and reliable connection to the money-transferring corridor.

"It's a great new step for us to be partner with PayDirect, one of the market leaders and get recognitionfor the work we have been doing since 2009 to improve the quality of people's lives." said Michel Poignant, CEO of PAYTOO Corp.

This new mobile platform for the Money Transfer Industry has been built in an exclusive collaboration of the distinct strengths of both companies: a technological and convenient mobile wallet solution and the industry leading white label payment solution. 

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