Infocash ATMs approved for Visa cards


Independent ATM deployer InfoCash has been approved by Visa International to accept Visa cards across its estate.

This follows an exhaustive evaluation to determine compliance with Visa's stringent PIN Security Requirements.

Visa's PIN Security Programme examines multiple aspects of PIN security standards and their implementation. In particular, it verifies the compliance of PIN encryption, processing and associated security procedures. InfoCash was able to meet these tests swiftly as it had already put unique individual Terminal Master Keys into all its ATMs using the A98 system from Trusted Security Systems Inc. It was also ready for the conversion to Triple DES and EMV Chip and PIN early next year. Transaction processing carried out by ATMOS on behalf of InfoCash also met the necessary standards.

Eamonn O'Nolan, managing director of InfoCash, commented: "InfoCash has always adopted a policy of surpassing existing security standards, and as a result we met Visa requirements with no difficulty. We are now able to deliver to our clients the extra opportunities afforded by Visa, therefore increasing levels of transactions even further across our ATM estate. The ability to acquire Visa transactions is also an essential component in the range of services we offer financial institutions, as part of our ATM outsourcing programme."

Peter Flynn, General Manager of ATMOS, added: "InfoCash is widely regarded as one of the most professionally-run deployers of convenience ATMs. It is highly responsive about implementing mandated changes to its estate, particularly for improved security, and its straightforward acceptance by Visa underlines this."

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