Elavon Fanfare loyalty system available on VeriFone terminals

Source: Elavon

VeriFone Systems, Inc. (PAY), and Elavon, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp (USB) and leading global payments provider, announced today that Elavon’s new Fanfare loyalty solution for small to mid-sized customers is now available on VeriFone’s countertop payment terminals and PIN pads—the VX 520 and VX 820.

“Fanfare enables commerce for smaller customers by providing them with loyalty reward capabilities that are simple to use and manage,” said Guy Harris, Elavon’s President of North America. Verifone’s technology provides a terrific platform from which to target offers generated by Fanfare at the point-of-sale. Shoppers have come to expect this and we are delighted to deliver it.”

Fanfare empowers small to mid-sized customers to utilize a rich customer-facing loyalty solution at the point-of-sale (POS) from the convenience of VeriFone’s popular EMV and NFC-enabled countertop payment terminals and PIN pads—the VX 520 and VX 820. With the ability to manage and track points, promotions and couponing, among other features, Fanfare enables smaller customers to compete with large retailers by presenting targeted incentives and special offers that encourage and reward consumer loyalty.

“Elavon is focused on making it easy for customers to accept payments from consumers while also encouraging loyalty,” said Shan Ethridge, vice president and general manager, North America Financial Services Group, VeriFone. “Our terminals are familiar to customers and consumers alike and, when coupled with Fanfare, provide a user-friendly way for small customers to securely accept payments and enable commerce during the checkout process.”

The VX 520 and VX 820 integrate with Fanfare to provide a convenient way for customers to enroll in the program and track and redeem loyalty points at the POS. Consumers can also enroll in the program and track loyalty points through the Fanfare website.

A secure, turnkey loyalty solution, Fanfare automatically tracks loyalty points, rewards and offers—which can be redeemed at any time—eliminating the need for consumers to print coupons, carry a loyalty card or wait for credit card statements. Customers can use its customizable portal to create targeted offers based on stored consumer information—including purchase histories and birthdays—and track the success of their Fanfare loyalty program.

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