KeyBank enlists Oracle for online and mobile services

Source: Oracle

Customers are bringing lofty new expectations to their banking relationships, fueled, in part, by the personalized experience they have come to expect from their favorite brands.

KeyBank, one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies, understands these evolving customer needs. To deliver an excellent experience to its current and future customers, KeyBank will enhance its online and mobile channels through Oracle Banking Platform.

Customers are demanding more from their banks, to intuitively know what they want and to impress them with solutions and services tailored to their individual needs. Banks that continue to lead with a siloed, product-only mindset, will not succeed. KeyBank plans to answer this call by using components of Oracle Banking Platform to deliver customer ease and convenience through its online and mobile channels.

 Oracle today announced that KeyBank, one of the nation's largest bank-based financial services companies, has selected Oracle Banking Platform to drive innovation across its digital channels and deliver the market-leading customer experience clients have come to expect from KeyBank.

Expanding the existing relationship with Oracle, KeyBank is embarking on a journey to deliver customer-centric capabilities and services such as the new KeyBank Hassle-Free Accountâ„ , acquiring and engaging customers digitally, digital payments, secure and self-service banking. Further, KeyBank will benefit from Oracle Banking Platform's native service-oriented architecture for ease of integration into KeyBank's existing IT ecosystem.

With its modern architecture and framework, Oracle Banking Platform enables banks to increase the speed with which they deliver transformational customer-centric services, such as originations, relationship pricing, limits, and collateral management and collections.

"KeyBank puts customers at the center of all that we do," said Amy Brady, CIO, KeyCorp. "We are redefining convenience by constantly evaluating how we can provide ease, value and expertise that helps our clients make more confident financial decisions. We selected Oracle as a provider for our digital platform because it offers a best-in-class solution for meeting customers evolving needs."

"Oracle is pleased to support KeyBank's Digital Modernization program with Oracle Banking Platform—which will enable KeyBank to put the customer at the center of its business. Know me, empower me, wow me. These simple statements summarize the mindset of today's banking customers and define the 'customer in' approach that banks need to take in order to compete and win. Customers have elevated their service delivery expectations, and banks now need to demonstrate a complete and holistic understanding of their unique needs, as well as ways in which to best service them, on the customer's terms," said Sonny Singh, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Financial Services. 

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